The meanderings of a mind
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2001-08-04 01:11:30 (UTC)


I don't fear that the sun won't rise
I don't fear the clouds of gray skies
I don't fear the growl of a pup
I fear the day I have to give you up

I don't fear the roll of thunder
I don't fear the tide pulling me under
I don't fear the cold winter's snow
I fear the day I have to let you go

I don't fear the end of each day
I don't fear the words I can't say
I don't fear these tears that I cry
I fear the day I must say goodbye

I don't fear the black of night
I don't fear these shoes-too tight
I don't fear each frown I receive
I fear the day that you will leave

I write on here a lot I think. No one ever seems to leave
any comments. I hate the fact that I feel I need someone to
tell me that my writing doesn't suck. I'd like to get
comments on everything I write. Even if someone is merely
pointing out that it is shit. Opinions are important to me,
thus I am severely flawed. I think I shall paint my