DarkVenus no Himitsu
2001-08-04 00:38:34 (UTC)


a little poem about my job that reminds me of a rap in the

How can I describe it? How can you understand?
I cannot stand what you don't demand of me:
These chances should have come a long time ago
And now stuck here I am
Forced to be where I do not belong
I've never more wished for death to come
If I could die every morning 'till night
And wake to my freedom, I'd be allright
I take my breaks and hide in fright
If only I could be with you, holding me tight
I cry and hope they don't find out
Into darkness I submerge
Ignore this urge and let pain preside
I play the part, grin and bare it
Dare I show what I true feel inside?
But what is truth and what is fake?
What is real and what is not?
The day goes away and time flies by
Impatiently I await my time
For departure
This torture
Teaches me
Exactly what I do not want to be
As I lay me down at night
I pray my loved ones be all right
And return me to my sanity
If it by chance escapes me
I fall asleep, wrapped in dreams
So comforting
And I'm at ease
Embracing, erasing bad memories
Suddenly killed by persistent screams of 5AM
Damn. It's them.
And it all begins again
But this melodrama has come to an end.