Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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2002-10-15 21:02:53 (UTC)

Spinning head

Gawd! How can one's head handle so much thoughts! Whenever
I am lying in my bed I can think of dozens things I have
think over during the day. Maybe I think too much, yes,
that must be it! If I worry about something I can think
about it for like weeks till there's a solution for it.
It's not good, I am too young to worry too much. If I look
around me I see happy carefree young people. Young people
should make fun. But it seems that lately I am in no mood
to do fun things. I used to be more carefree and happy.
People used to know me as the 'laughter'. Some people are
searching for it, but it seems it went for travelling.
Through talking I am trying to find it back and through a
special course I want to be more socialize. I don't dare
to do something if people are watching me, that scares the
hell out of me. I like kids but I don't even wanna try to
play with them if I know the parents are watching me or
someone else.
Too much on my head lately, study, worries, job, friends,
future, etc...
Should work on that...