The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-10-15 21:01:53 (UTC)

But wait!

A couple more things:

* I've decided to make this a private journal. I mean, I
don't think anyone was really reading it before, but the
idea that it's out there is just too alarming for me.

* The band is going well, although the name "00's" was
ditched. Oh well. We have a bassist named Layla now, who is
a good singer, but has no bass experience, so we're
teaching her as we go. That's fine, our songs are really
simple four chord affairs anyway. We're fishing for a new
name now, a grueling task. Dan's suggestions are so silly:
the Candy Lickers, for example. I like the Heavenly Motor
Company or the Ondines or the Tensions, but these aren't
going over well. We'll see, gulp.

I like what we're doing, but sometimes it sounds very
average to me. I wish it could be more sonically
interesting, more unique, more idiosyncratic, less trendy.
I'd like it to be a little dancier, actually. I think I'm
going to take up drums and learn to play really simple
Velvets-meets-New Order-meets-Bow Wow Wow styled beats.
Then, over that, have a really good guitarist and a really
emo girl singer and basically have a shoegazer/psychedelic
guitar-rock with a really propulsive danceable backbeat and
funny, thoughtful, charismatic female singing. But that's a
plan for much later, perhaps post-Louiville.