80% Illusion
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2002-10-15 20:55:03 (UTC)

On all Fours

My back is aching as I crawl on all fours,
there's a shame in my eyes you just can't ignore,
Still everyday you see me like this,
Doing nothing to help me, my life is a sham,
You kick me while I'm down, bleeding, torn on the ground.
"Why are you doing this?" I spit through my teeth,
you just shake your head, and walk away from me.
"Come back!" I scream through gritted teeth, still you
I was never yours, so easy to discard, on all fours, I am
your servant, you watch me slave in vain,
A whip cracks and I try and ignore the pain you cause me,
I love to see you smile, I think maybe someday you will
love me, if I'm just good for you, on all fours.
I tell you I need you, as you leave me chained to the bed,
the cold poles cutting my wrists, still you don't listen,
but I love you more,
Some may call me a slut or call me a whore, but I know what
you want, and it's me, although you don't show it,
I love you, you have to know this.
I hear the whip, I call your name, you call me a bitch, you
think I'm insane, but I'm devoted, one day we'll be
together, I'm not crazy, there is love in your eyes deep
under the torment, you see mine too.
My make-up smeared, tears running down to my chin, I sob on
the floor, as the revolver clicks into position, "No, don't
do it!" I cry as you stare deep into my eyes, a wild and
crazed look that I've seen many times.
"Shut-up bitch, get down on your knees, I don't need you
anymore, you nothing but a pet to me."
My throat chokes back sobs from love that was meant to be,
it just got out of my hands, maybe he never really loved