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2002-10-15 20:20:26 (UTC)

fall break...or was it?

Is it going to be a problem if it isn't even mid-October
and I'm ready for Christmas? I mean....sure, I've been
making a Chrismas list for weeks, but now...I'm ready for
decorating and shopping and the music and even the family
time. The difference in Christmas lists now, and Christmas
lists I used to make....now, they consist of things I need
and just don't have the money to buy myself. Ha.
Let's see....how was my break?
My grandparents' house is for sale. Not that my mom told
me or anything, I had to overhear a phone conversation and
hear my dad say something about it. I know it's something
that has to be done, but that doesn't make it any easier.
That's the house my brother and I would stay during the
summers when Mom was still working, where Christmas Eve was
spent, and Christmas Day lunch...and I knew Santa had
somehow left me a stocking there too...the sidewalks were
perfect for chalk drawing, and I just felt ok there. Now-
it's weird being there, it's empty and not how it should
be. It will be definitely odd seeing someone else be
there, and knowing that things aren't in the right place
inside. It just stresses me out, and is probably easier if
I just don't think about it.
So Thursday and Friday I worked. They missed me. :-p
Apparently I enjoy leaving the stress of school and jumping
right into the stress of work. I enjoyed it for the most
part. We stayed busy, and as long as it stays like that,
it makes the days go by faster. Of course the work week
wouldn't be complete without being yelled at by a
customer. Yeah-at the drive thru window so everyone in the
whole store could hear. Noo....I didn't want to burst into
tears when I turned around after that. On the bright side
of things, she didn't come back with her bottle like she
said she would, so I think I was right.
Saturday I went to WCU with the parental units to watch the
ftball game, see the show, and eat dinner with Daniel.
To be continued....my roommate gets ill with me when I
don't post for a while. :-p