Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-10-15 19:54:44 (UTC)

The Strange Occurrences That Form My Life

I dated David in the ninth grade. He, quite unexpectedly, was
my first kiss. At the time, after we'd been dating a while he
began to freak me out. That along with some other issues caused up to
break up. Now, two years later, an older, wiser, less virginal version
of myself finds herself in class with him everyday. standing next to
him. everyday. He too is older, wiser perhaps, and almost
undoubtedly also less virginal. He was honestly the first guy
I ever went out with. He is a very close person. He likes to
touch and hug, which is very first. Then
it is just kind of creepy. It kind of pissed me off because I
made sure he knew I really didn't know what I was doing when
it came to kissing and assorted whatnot, and he, obvioulsy
being the more experienced in the relationship, took it upon
himself to, uh, give me pointers. 'You should do more of this
and less of that, do this, this way, your hair always gets in
the way you should wear it up' In general, these were the
kind of remarks he made. Not to mention that whenever HE
kissed ME I felt like I was a popsicle and he was trying to
pull my body completely inside out with his tounge. yeauk....
....auaauuahhhh.. anyway To make thigs worse the kid is
REALLY religious, like we're talkin' the kid prays over taco
bell kind of religious. So now, I find myself with him everyday,
and I honestly don't know if I'm still attracted to him. Part
of me says God Yes! just look at him! and the other part of
me is going, now wait a minute, why did you break up in the
first place. And then I remembered...we actually dated twice.
The first time it was a break up pretty much on my part. The
second time he pretty much broke up with me. The day before
Valentines day. I was pretty distraught. Things were really
complicated because I wasn't actually "allowed" to be dating.
publically anyway, and My mother taught at the highschool we
go to so it was very difficult to keep things a secret. He
couldn't take me being able to walk away from him when the
wrong person was around, because he thought I was ashamed of
going out with him. EVen though he knew the circumsatnces and
I couldn't take his constant bigotry. Anyway, I don't know
where I'm going with this. It was just on my mind. I don't
know If I still have feelings for him or not, or if I ever
did. I don't know. later

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