What the HELL happened?
2002-10-15 19:44:21 (UTC)

Morro Bay High

I have been a student at Morro Bay high for a month now. I
must admit that I hate it here. The kids are very friendly,
and social. I have not made any new friends, I guess I
might not ever. Mr. Bettencourt and Mrs. Lopez told
Ashley's probation officer that I was a "Bad" influence on
poor-shoplifting-Ashley. PLEASE!! So anyway, we are not
allowed to have contact. So she calls me whenever she can.
This time she has a new tune. She's dying. I don't think
she'll die, but she keeps throwing it in my face like I'm
supposed to feel bad. She's the one who took all those
asprin that gave her a whole in her tummy. And now she
likes this new guy "Steve-o", as I call him. Ashley wanted
me to three-way this guy on the phone and talk to him about
her. I called him, we are now good friends. Considering the
fact that I don't know what he looks like. I plan on
calling him every saturday. I guess I could try to help
Ashley get Steven, but she heard him on the phone, he
doesn't like her. She should have stayed and waited for
Tim. Poor Tim, he actually liked her, now he likes someone
else. Jenny. Tim likes Jenny. And the funny thing is is
that Ashley thinks that Tim will be there on the rebound,
waiting for her. Whatever happens to this poor girl is what
she deserves. She keeps bringing it on to herself. Me. I do
have a crush here at Morro Bay Hogh. His name is "Julian".
He is in my english class. He looks exactly like Tim, only
with brown hair and better complexion. That's all for now.