My Life
2001-08-03 21:16:26 (UTC)

Newest Entry

Well, uh, my name is Cassie and I am 12 years old. I am in
7th grade at a middle school in Arizona. I live with my
Mom, and my Step-Dad, and my Dog and fish. I have 5 sisters
though, and a brother, who don't live with us (they are all
off at college, or living by themselves.)

I have many friends, and a boyfriend right now named John.
I am having doubts about him right now though. We've been
going out for 4 months, and all of a sudden I want space. I
haven't told him that yet though.

My cousin, Heather, is with us for a couple of days. I use
to live in Minnesota (I moved to Arizona last July) and she
is with me, visiting. She misses her parents alot though,
and takes a lot of naps.

Nothing much has happened to me today, and I can't spend
too much time writing. So, I will be back soon.