2001-01-25 03:12:18 (UTC)

you will lose to what? i will..

you will lose to what? i will lose? will i lose? or will i
be dominant and have will! agony oh yea i know that but
who cares because i don't. i love the agony. i love the
constant problem i am given and knocked down by. i haven't
stayed down and i am not going to stay down as long as i
have my PASSION! everything i am doing is temporary but the
love i feel for TRUTH and my path is way too strong for me
to lose. brad nowell... he knows. but brad nowell accepted.
I will not accept the fact that i am going to lose because
you know what all is your own mind and if you have a weak
mind then bam! your gone. but really even weak minds are
strong. knowing is a start but just knowing is not anything
but knowing. as long as actions are neutral you are going
NOWHERE! now will i lose. oh no no no i will not lose to
the system as long as i let it BURN BURN BURN let it let it
let it BURN!