2002-10-15 11:58:42 (UTC)

I fell in love with a rainbow

I empathize with her. She is haunted by her own demons.
She doesn't realize that she already has started life over
about 10 months ago. I wish I could show her a movie of
my life over the past 6 years. She'd be able to see how
much better life has gotten since then. I also wish I
could take a piece of the serenity I've found and place it
in her heart ever so carefully. I'd tuck some more away
in a safe place in case she forgot how good life can be.

I pray for her a lot. She doesn't realize the magnitude
of her power yet.

She doesn't know that she's inspiring me to find ME. She
is one of the many vehicles in which I found myself
transcended into a higher state of consciousness.
Although one in many, she has touched my heart in a way no
other has. She has a wonderful, playful spirit and she
almost seems to glow. I am captivated by her beauty and
find myself lost in her eyes. I am constantly preoccupied
with thoughts of her... her eyes, her smile, the way she
sings, twirls her hair, and seems to light up a room.

She's witty, funny, and cute, a talented artist,
mysterious, spontainious, beautiful & unpredictable. I
like that in a woman. Relationships stay fun that way.

Unfortunately, she keeps me at a distance, but something
tells me I've gotten through a tiny bit despite her
efforts to keep me out. I guess my motives are
narcissistic in nature, but still worthwhile and
irresistable none the less.

I don't like how she says I "dumped" her. It makes me
feel bad, like I gave up on her or something. I was dying
inside knowing that her heart belongs to someone else. It
makes me wonder if her mind will ever change. I had to do
what I had to do that day.

She's intrigingly beautiful, although I can't get close
enough to touch her...kind of like a rainbow.