Jess's Journal
2002-10-15 10:54:46 (UTC)

itsy bitsy teenie weenie

Yesturday...a lil bad than I thought it would be. Got a lil
better towards lunch but didn't really get better until I
talked to Chris. He has this way of making me feel better.
Mainy by understanding and knowing how I feel. I'm just
sorry he got fired from Sam's Club because now I can't go
visit him. Even though he really is lucky..he got fired
before it got really cold. But still, someone shouldn't have
narked on him. He's gone through a lot and I want to make
him happy. Mainly because he's never really quite that happy
for awhile. Maybe short periods of time. I want to make him
happy because I care. Maybe he's right. Maybe while in the
process of making him happy, I'll find mine too. I accept
the challenge/mission..and I'm not going to give up.

Hmm..there's a lot going on in my crazy mind at the moment.
I just have to figure out just what exactly do I want. I
can't have everything but I can dream ya know.