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2001-08-03 20:06:54 (UTC)

happy or sad?

dear diary,
malem ini aku ktemu ma gbt di irc.. he's initial is P, just
call him mr P. well i was happy for sure, coz i havent seen
him for a week.
he telling me about his life in the past, i dont have a
feeling to hate him, but i'm sorry for him...
everythings work fine.. until he mentioned about his gf..
hikz.. i'm just so sad.. felt wanna cry but my eyes are
i think i'm so phatetic.... i love guy who already had gf.
and how can i feel jealous with his gf? i should realize
that i cant have him, but i cant seem to get him outta my
wish i could cry and let all the pain flow with my tears.
but i cant.. i still cant cry.....

still love u... and i'm missing u