Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-10-15 07:38:31 (UTC)

Puppy Chow?

Ah, well I went out with boy number two, "B" tonight. My
friend HeL & I met up with he & his friend AnW. We smoked a
joint and had a beer. Didn't really hit it off. He seems a
bit immature, but what can I expect from a boy younger than
me? He's a pup.

V called today and we talked for another half hour before
I went to visit my sister in the city. I'm supposed to call
him tomorrow. I don't know when I can see him next, and he
seems pretty cool with that. Right now he seems pretty
happy to talk to me on the phone, so I feel good knowing
there's no pressure there.

It's late and I should have been sleeping long ago.

To the people who wrote me on my last entry, thank you. I
appreciate your input. It's true, it shouldn't make a
difference how far apart we are in age, if it works out, it
works out. And it may, and it may not......and so we'll

~love ridden