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2002-10-15 07:02:29 (UTC)

Piddle paddle

Well its been a while.

Since i have written i have discovered that HELL does
exist. Yes its true.
I also became employed, but retired again after one day.
But thats ok. I guess you gotta try things on! but like
most things, it just dont fit! I'm home bound.


My period is 8 days late. And tonight is the arias, and
weed will be smoked. Its all in good fun, and i guess you
gotta have fun.

I got up real early, like a norm, except i dont do things
like norms, norms dont quit jobs after one day. But the
thing is, I HAVE REALISED MY FREEDOM! I do have quite alot
of freedom. Freedome of choice. Good stuff.


My diary. i had a blood nose this morning. And ben is a
sweetheart. YUCK thats so typical for females in their
online diarys to crap on about boyfriends! i am sick of it,
so i wont write about it to give pain to others!

no men are simple
women are more complex
which is good
but i think these days
men are the weaker sex
most definatly
its an empowering thought
I am speaking in a general sense of course.

I am Z

I was walking in from the car, and i realised i was wearing
SIX different shades of blue! how freaky is that! Yes
freaky. Tonight i shall be insane and stoned. FUN! I am
looking forward to the arias.

Shoulder to shoulder, across my back and neck is sore. Damn
hell. Damn hell to hell!