kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2002-10-15 05:50:38 (UTC)


Here I was jealous of Mandy because she and Dave were so
touchy feely and I didn't need to be. We were talking
tonight and he said he would be back. Only he worded it
like he would be here. I said I wished he were here.

His response was "you know, it kills me, its always the
things you can't have you want the most"

I was surprised about that. He then went on and said he
was ok with just being friends. That blew me away. He
has strong feelings for me. I thought I was just a friend
of his that he joked around a lot with. I didn't figure
he had real feelings for me.

That makes me feel a little better. At least I can feel
ok about having feelings for him. It doesn't make having
feelings for him any easier. I do hope he comes over
soon. I now know I have a little power over getting him
to come. I could even get him to not have Mandy around I

Earlier Mallrats was on TV and it was right where TS asks
Brandy to marry him. I decided to ask Dave if he would
marry me. He said yes and we joked about getting married
this Saturday. Then it became let's just do it today and
it would make both our days better.

A part of me wants to be selfish and beg Dve to come over
here. He signed his last e-mail "your slave."

Also he said "I'll be the producer/director/co-star if you
decide you really want to.." That was in refrence to me
saying I wanted to be in a porno.

The last thing he said was... "Hope class was good, or at
least you were thinking dirty thoughts about me and you in
class if it was boring."

That is a kinda new thing. Mentioning both of us in the
act of dirty thoughts. Maybe we will do something crazy
one of these days. I do want at least another hug from
him. I don't think that will be too hard to get though.

I got a good picture of him when he was here on Saturday.
He even said he liked it. I then mentioned I didn't have
many pics of him and he said we would have to fix that. I
think he has fewer of me than I have of him. I will have
to take care of that when he comes next.

I think I'll just e-mail him and tell him to drop by some
time with his camera and I'll buy him dinner. I've now
sent that e-mail. I'm sure he'll respond positivly.

I'm scanning the last two pics of one roll. I have two
more rolls left to scan. I'll probably do them tomorrow.
I am now uploading the pictures to my website so I can
send the link to Dave.