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2001-01-25 03:03:45 (UTC)

bounce and flow and move into..

bounce and flow and move into everyday direction. and the
result the life is all around you. all? what is all and
what is one and two and three? how can i determine what
this is really about? my inner child brings out the
questions and my inner mother disciplines me and my inner
father supports me and my inner sister listens and my
grandmother she tells me the stories of the past and
advises me as i walk on my path, my grandfather gives me
crazy ideas and my aunts and uncles jokes and laugh and
work there mouths. all the while they are me fore i was
once an uncle and an aunt, a sister mother and father, and
grandmother as well as grandfater. and coincidentally i may
be all in my path but i won't worry about it fore i have
been them all already.