A Cavalier Looks At 27
2002-10-15 05:17:50 (UTC)

October 14

As much as I love Jenny and everything she shares with me,
that is how much I miss Lindsay. I really have not thought
much about her the past few weeks, which is unusual.
Saturday night while I was rubbing Jenny's foor we were
talking about writings we both had done and to this day I
still regret not having one particular writing backed up on
disc. I lost the story of Lindsay's last night on earth
through my eyes and I decided Saturday night that I was
going to try a rewrite. I really am scared that I am going
to sink back into this funk of thinking about her nonstop
again. I thik writing this will help release some of
that. Starting tomorrow night I am going to sift through
harsh memories and try to put them here and SAVE them this
time. Wish me luck....I will definitely need it.

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