Journey to Me
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2002-10-15 05:17:11 (UTC)

in times like these

in times like these i second guess myself, everything about
myself. my choices, my plans, my relationships with all
those around me, my goals, my dreams, my past, present and
future. did i do the right thing, did i say the right
words? do the things i do have an impact on others? is what
i'm doing in my life what i really want, or what others
think i should want? will i look back on my life and wonder
where the good times went? will i look back and wonder why
i wasted it all? will i have passed the oppotunities to be
with my friends? will i have passed up the chance to meet
new people and go new places? did i let the best years of
my life slip through my hands? i'm so tired of wondering if
that's how i'll look at my life. i feel as though i already
do. but what am i to do about it? how do i fix this? how do
i stop dreading what i know may be true? i'm not sure what
to do but i know i don't want to live like this, i don't
want to die feeling like this.