I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-15 04:47:22 (UTC)

You Were There All Along

Where were you?
Right there beside me,
not letting the trials of life
blow me down
Where were you?
Wispering in my ear
Tellin me you love me
The sweet sound of your voice
Is all I need
Where were you?
Running your fingers across my skin
Putting me in complete exctasy
Just being in your arms
Where were you?
Wipping away my tears
Telling me everything would be ok
Now that I don't have to face it alone
You are here
Where were you my whole life?
You were there the whole time
I just never noticed or found you
Till now

It took me this long to realize, that even when you weren't
there with me you were. You have always been standing next
to me getting me through, and you always will be. Just
like I have been there for you. I love you Jeremy and I
will always be here for you, through thick and thin, you
are my one, my only and nothing will ever change that.

Till next time. I'm gone.

Love Ya's