Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-08-03 18:25:52 (UTC)

Day: 27 (I finally figured it out)

My life is boring. Yep. Boring boring boring. Its like what
my Away message says for AIM:
30 watt Life is what I bought
too dim to be cool
too bright to be lame
It's slowly burning out
need a new bulb
a 60 watt will do
Oh weeelllll....Like the title of my diary sums everything
up very well: Life Sux then you Die. Its true. If anyone
has a different way of putting it then inform me. Cuz I
certainly dont know about it. Hmmmm. Annnyyywaayyys....I am
bored. On top of my boring life, I am bored. Whatdya
expect? I am boring. hehe...Now when school starts...I will
have a reason to be bored...but now..its a week or so
before school..grrr..I dont wanna go...but i doo...I want
to see all my friends..Anthony D...Anthony V...Jhenell,
Katie, Ashley, and the others in my classes.. But i dont
wanna do all the academic parts...blaaahhh

Tralalalallalalalalaa. Figggg nutens! sorry bout that.
comic book guy. ^_^ comics are fun. I like to draw comics.
Last time I had a little series goin on..until someone
ripped up the second one..and then threw away the
first...damn..i wanted them too... :( Anyway...I have my
old comic book..I like it...Grudgy Man, To-pi, Fro-Bo,
Garbage Head Cat...and the gang...Mifi the cheerleader(the
villian of course) I am trying to make the characters for a
new comic book..this time its anime...I miss my book...the
one i was writing..Bleeding had 3 parts...over 100
pages front and back of lined paper...grrr...where the hell
did it go..*looks for it* bye

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