Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-08-03 18:22:21 (UTC)


Not by me...but I think they're cool...

Life is pain life is shit,
and that is why i tried to end it.
Slit my wrists,let the pain flow,
but i'm still here you may be upset to know.

I hate my self and cry till sleep.
What authority has sowed i can't reep,
education by school morals by mum,
but i'll never get it my brain is so numb.

The world is expanding to leave me alone.
My only contact is by net or by phone.
People grow and leave me one by one.
I'll just sit here and wait till their gone.

Dad strangled mum when i was small,
it was my fault he pushed her against the wall.
He put his hands around her neck,
and because of me she was a wreck.

My heart is aching, the pain still grows.
I do have good days, but mainly lows.
I try to kill the pain with drink and drugs,
but what i really need is love and hugs.

Now I’ve found someone who numbs the pain,
and with his arms round me maybe I’ll be happy again.
Deep inside the pains still there,
but with his love i don't care.