2002-10-15 03:43:40 (UTC)

i should be in the circus

i swear i could put on a balancing act in the circus or
something. it's insane as to how busy i am right now!
see: i have all - state for 2 weeks yet, i have les mis for
an eternity, mime's starting soon, there's this place i go
30 hrs a week (target = DEVIL), viola i should really
practice if i want to be 1st chair by next thurs: oh yeah,
orch concert 24th. also: quarter ends the 25th. i have to
have a paper and a review done for mr. p. and if i plan
to pass english i need to get me some extra credit in
(gosh, i am a slacker) plus there this dracula thing i am
starting (it's tough to get your name out there, and this
is fly by night... i can't let anything go wrong there) but
yeah, on top of that i have bo who i feel i am letting
down in every way possible, especially with that i don't
have much time to spend with her. and all of a sudden i
haven't any friends. the ones who haven't gotten all
weirded out, are feeling all left out by bo and me. i don't
do it on purpose. sorry guys.

apparently jen is coming over here to bury her fish shiny this sat.
i have no idea how i am to squeeze her in, but i feel i am doing a
good deed here...