2001-08-03 18:18:38 (UTC)

we all know we are going to die, but.......

Got uparound 8:30 am Very late for me. Wonder why I slept
so long. Worry's me sometimes when things like that
happen. Everyone I know that has died from this always goes
to sleep and never wakes up. I really wonder when this
thing is gonna kill me.
Dave and I had a good night last night in spite of his ex
wife. Wish she would leave us alone. Just go away with a
hells angel or something. Court has been postponed again.
She say's her new lawyer needs time to think. He better do
some good thinking. Wonder if he know's she has ripped off
alot of other lawyers, wonder if he know's that he is
dealing with a grifter.
Frank is still being a con also. I know he is only 13 but
he know's right from wrong, has been taught well. I think
he does the rotten things he does to his Dave because he
wants to, he wants momm'y approval and thinks he will get
it by being mean to his Dad. There is no doubt that she
praises him for it, we have all seen it including the
courts. If we could just get the same judge. That will
never happen, family court is so screwed up that even I
can't believe what she has already gotten away with. How
do you rip off a roofer and forge his name to a mortgage
company and get away with it?? Got me, I would be in jail
forever. Sooner or later that horseshoe will fall out of
her ass and then look out. If I were 20 years younger I
would kick her ass bad. She is the most vile of humans.
She has stolen and lied and cheated so many people that she
had to move out of town. Best life in Mom and Da's basement
is fun, how can any one over 45 live like that???
Went to my shrink yesterday and had lots to talk about.
Death mostly. I wonder if I ever cross her mind when I am
not in front of her. She say's she understands but how can
she. We all know we are going to die, but how many of us
can here the grimm reapers footsteps behind them??