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2002-10-15 03:15:57 (UTC)

D group!

Well, I had my first small group today and it went really well. It was
awesome to get to know some more people and stuff from the
school. Autumn and Aaron are the coolest married people.

I also have really been feeling that I am supposed to get discipled
while I am here. Now its just the part where I find out who i want to
disiple me. I guess Ill just keep praying about it. I know God will tell
me who He wants me to ask. Paulanne told me to be prepared for
someone to say no or if someone isnt excited about it to choose
someone else. I hope God prepares me for that responce if it
happens. Eitehr of them. God is faithful though and I know He
wants me to ask someone, Im thinking Joy, but I know she is a
busy lady. Im reading in 2 Kings about Elijah and Elisha and it gets
me even MORE in the mood to be disicipled. so yah thats what im
praying about now in my life. so God help me!!

And LORD PLEASE help me get my school work done.