2002-10-15 01:55:49 (UTC)

look ah, piece of me...

"So i just want to go be a male whore and pillage FSU and
try to forget her and her bullshit...."


my baby is upset lol. i love him.

soooooo i went shopping today.
how weird, huh?
yes. i know.
and i bought shit.
dude i spent so much money.
150 dollars.
attempting to make up for the lack of stimulation in my
life by walking around in circles for 4 hours and paying
money for shit that i really dont need and really dont
care about.
im glad ryan came.
he paid for my dress which was good i really didnt want to
have to go back there. actually, i couldnt have. i work
tomorrow and shit. so yeah. ill pay him back tomorrow. it
was nice.
ugh i am in such a haze from an overdose of homework and a
lack of caffeine and nicotine.
im exhausted.
i dont know if i even want to go out tonight. but i know
that i will...besides. i have shit to do...
like always.

i am so overwhelmed that i cant even deicide which huge
project to jump on first so im just sitting here typing in
here and making myself crazy