My Life!!!
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2002-10-15 01:47:20 (UTC)

didn't go to skoOL today....

isn't it suppose to be a HOLIDAY..sum shiet like dat! well
mah parents let me stay home today....i was GLAD also cuz i
needed sum rest! well i've been thinken about mah GURL! i
miss her a LOT... damn! i can't wait till i graduate HIGH
SCHOOL.... i wanna go to UCLA! but i think i'm tooooo DUMB
to get in. but i'll TRY..heheeeZ! der's lots of peepZ i
look up for instants mah homebOi BERNIE! he has a
good FUTURE... i just look at him and say i wanna be like
dat when i graduate! well i got much LUV for da guy....
uhm... lets C also ARIES, he's just like BERNIE!...dey are
homebOiZ too! i can look up to both of DEM
PNOYS...heheheeeeeeeZ! MUCH LUV FOR BOTH OF YA'LL! well
iight den....CYA'Z!