my love war..enter if you dare, but help
2001-01-25 02:27:13 (UTC)

well...for now i have come to a..

well...for now i have come to a conclusion...i say this
now, but i doubt it will last too long..i am sayin forget
all guys...no imnot becomin gay..but i have hardly no time,
and if i do they dont, and if if am soo damn confussed
then i dont need it! but dont hold me to it b/c next week
ill prolly be like umm...so and so is soo fine i wann hook
up...but that way i dont worry about sex..ya know..zach is
suchan ass..i dont need him..kevin i still like but it
wouldnt work even though i wish...carl, well,hesjust
there...we actually ha a real convo yesterday..he is soo
funny and cute, but owell..and then there is anthony, well,
hesa cutie but damn hes a baby...hes only 16...maybe i need
a younger guy so i cant fuck him! :) but i cant go that
low..(im 19)i dunno but thats my update..