Life's A Boat, Be A Good Sailor
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2002-10-15 01:25:02 (UTC)


Man, time for a new entry. Not to deep though. Shallowness
is my thing right now. I want to stop judging people so
quickly, and writing them off like that. It's a habit I
think everyone has. I'm really trying to work on that.
Meanwhile, it's Homecoming time soon, and here I am without
a date yet. I hope I find one soon. Yes, the PARTYBUS is
next Saturday! Cannot wait for that one. It will be loads
of fun! I am gonna get the pants scared off me, but maybe
there will be a guy to hold onto. I am a mallrat! Got to
get off that addiction. Guys- this week so many! Really
there aren't that many, just guy friends that I can't
figure out whether I want them more than that. Oh well,
life is a boat, and I will see in which direction the
romantic winds blow me!