The Story of Me
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2001-08-03 16:56:19 (UTC)

Life is good.

For now, life is good. Kristy comes home tomorrow, her fish
is still alive, my mother is getting hounded with job
offers. I'm getting along with my brothers, I'm leaving
town in 2 weeks (and I get to miss my dreaded family
reunion), and I'm feeling alright. I guess that's the
important thing. Incredibly edgy though. Like one of those
anxious first day of school feelings. I don't know what it
is. Isn't that just typical of me, saying I don't

Today I am just going to try to keep myself busy. Not much
to do. This town sucks. All the friends that I went to high
school with I can't call most of them my friends anymore.
This summer has been really vicious...I've jumped down
people's throat, and I've had people jump down my throat.
Am I upset about this? I'm not entirely sure. I'm upset by
some of my actions this summer, but I can't be upset by how
people react to me, what I say or what i choose to put in
this journal. This is my life right? And I can't make
people be my friends. But no use dwelling.

Well, it's almost 1 o'clock right now. I have to shower and
do some stuff. Maybe I'll go next door and visit with my
neighbors for a bit. they are moving tomorrow. So sad. More
later if I'm not too busy (haha)