My Life.............
2002-10-15 00:59:58 (UTC)

well, lets see, whats new with..

well, lets see, whats new with me, hmmmm, well, saturday
went to atlantic city, won lots but put the winnings back
in the slots, i love gambling but cant control myself
been working my ass of with exercising and it shows.LOL
sometimes i think im overdoing it, but, i feel like i need
to push myself, the lady who owns the gym came up to me and
asked if i was ok, and she didnt want me to become
anorexic, i laughed and said theres no chance of that, but,
in all honesty i can understand how someone with anorexia
feels, i know im pretty skinny now but my mind tells me
something different when i see myself and it makes me work
harder and not want to eat...
A friend of my sisters asked me if i was ok, he said i was
skin and bones, and he said to my sister it looks like she
has cancer or something, the last time he saw me i was a
little bigger..
Fat boy has a girlfriend now, so he tells everyone, but,
they were at the bar a couple weeks ago and she left him to
go partying with some friends, when he was asked why he
didnt go, he just shrugged his shoulders, i know i dont
want anything to do wiht him anymore, when someone tells
you it was all a joke you kind of lose intrest pretty fast,
i do want to tell him off, i did get to call him an
asshole, but, its just not good enough, i want to say to
him, look buddy you were the joke, look at you and look at
me do you really think you had a real chance with me?? i
dont know if ill ever get to say it, hes been avoiding me,
maybe its for the best, ill only end up sleeping with him
again, not because im in love with him, because its nice to
feel loved, plus i feel bad for doing that to my sister...