Fishnet Goddess

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2002-10-14 22:29:35 (UTC)

So much for a 'free day' today...

Well, as I said 2 entries ago, today was going to be
my only free day this week, but of course it's not. As soon
as I'm done with work I have to go 'observe' Spencer for my
developmental psychology class, write a paper on it, and
then I need to write an essay for a class I'm not even
going to tomorrow, but I'll still need to drop off. This
week is going to take so much out of me! But I can't wait
until birthday!!!
Woohoo! I'm only going to be 19... What the hell? I'm
married, work full time, go to college, raise a virtual zoo
of animals, and do volunteer work...and I'm only turning
19! I feel at least 25. Parts of me feel 35. Then again,
there are those party animal parts that dress up and wear
lots of makeup. Those parts feel 19.
Okay, that's all, I'm sure I'll write more after court
tomorrow (yuck!). I hope Mindy wins!