kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-10-14 22:24:00 (UTC)

I am calming down

My running around town and back has calmed me down a bit.
i did however get my pictures developed and there is a
good one of Dave. I also have a ton of pics of Dave's sun
glases on my stuffed Gateway cow "Mootilda."

They are cute pics. All of them are. I even got a couple
good ones at my best friend's baby sister's wedding. I
was worried that it was too dark for any of them to turn
out well.

I got some good pics of the Space Needle too. I went
there before the wedding. I had over an hour to hang
around at Seattle Center. I got some good pics of the
water at the big fountain. It's terrible that I can't
remember it's name.

Right now I am scanning the pics. I got three rolls

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