my so-called life
2001-08-03 15:08:02 (UTC)

life is messed up

ok.. i've been thinking alot lately about certain things.
for example, my parents. ever since i could remember they
have been fighting or screaming at each other. they should
just get a fucking divorce. and why is it that people who
supposedly cant have a decent conversation w/each other
cant even divorce each other to save their childs life from
being ruined?.. no they still have to stay together and
make it worse.
anywayz.. one annoying thing about this diary is that
you cant press the tab button.. it pisses me off.

Broke into the old apartment
Tore the phone out of the wall
Only memories, fading memories
Blending into dull tableux
I want them back
//Barenaked Ladies

I love BNL more than life itself.. they are my life. i am
so obsessed w/them i love all their cds and every song i
know by heart. they are my anwser to when i feel like shit
sometimes.. i love the barenaked ladies! o yeah.

o yeah im going away in 2 days! wahoo... im getting away
from this fucked up town.. for a week at least. upstate ny,
lake placid.. w/ my whole family that i haven't seen in a
while.. it should be fun. :)