Secrets that lye Beneath
2001-08-03 14:16:03 (UTC)


Every night i cant stop thinkin, the past haunts me and i
fear will haunt me foreva,i tried to find out why i was
tortured and ridiculed i asked a chick she use to be my
best friend up until grade 7 she joined the "gang" the hate
carine race (thats my name)anway she was shocked that i
actually went to ask for answers she looked at pulled a
weird face she didnt know what to say she truned and said i
dont remember, now how fucked is that,my arse she cant
remember she just cant think of an excuse, cause there was
no reason, so now i walk and hide my face in shame, people
i do not talk, i keep my mouth shut so people cant do
anything to me,during school im just a figment of everyones
imagination, to friends i talk, but talk only to talk of
sex, no one tells of each secret past we all have stories
that are locked up in our minds never to be told, at night
i cry, at day im silent, everything bottled up about to
burst out, pressure building i feel like im losing my mind