Secrets that lye Beneath
2001-08-03 13:50:54 (UTC)

Botteled up Emotions

I have only just started up this diary and i cant seem to
get away from it, it keeps drawing me back here, now how to
start of again, hmmm, i know a grussom story that happened
about 2 yrs ago, there was this guy named tim mason and one
day he had parked on the side of the main street, and he
had to fix somethin at the back of his toyota, and anyway
this guy name Leo, he worked with tim, and he was on the
other side of the road and there were trees in the way and
leo turned to go the way that tim was going and {BAM}theres
tim mason squished between the two cars, Leo reversed back
ran out the car there tim laying on the road blood every
where his stomach cut rite opened his intestines hangin out
Leo tried stickin it back in him but it was no use tim had
gone, Gone where no one knows a place of mystery that lies
at the back of our heads.