2001-08-03 13:37:21 (UTC)


Boy, time doesn't wait on anyone. Soon school will start
and Leroy will be gone. Leroy leaving comes before school
starting though. Sunday is the day he leaves for good. I
really don't see him visiting down here all that much.
Maybe around Xmas holidays, but that's about it. The thing
that sucks so much is that the weekend he is leaving...I
have to darn work...night shift at that. To make matters
worse, I got in trouble last nite....for what I can't
really say....but if I really wanted to go out with Leroy,I
don't know if my mother would let me. It really sucks. But
I'm just going to let time take it's course and let
everything happen for it's reason. Because if it was meant
to be for me and him to chill out before he leaves, then it
will happen. I talked to ToeDoe for a while last nite and
he said that Leroy and Scoop weren't together anymore. I
believe that they aren't going around calling each other my
girl or my man, but they are still cutting something. I
know that for a fact. I know how Leroy is. But whateva
because that's his business. Ya know! But anyways....I did
a lil school shopping yesterday in Commerce. All I got was
jeans...no shirts. I think I might just buy some shirts
from down here. It really doesn't matter to me. Like, I was
going to go for best dressed, but I don't think I feel like
trying to compete for it and I know it's going to go to
someone who is ghetto best dressed. Some people can be
soooo blind to fashion. But let them have it! Well, time
will go by and I'll just sit back and let things happen.
Maybe there'll be a story to tell...maybe it won't. *J*