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2002-10-14 18:24:39 (UTC)


OMFG am I ever bored!....It's a Monday though, I should
expect this. Last week in C.A.L.M. (Career and Life
Management) we were doing a singles life project, it was
due last Friday but SHIT I thought we only had to hand in
one copy, so my partner, Sarah, made up prices and
everything so I don't know how I'm going to get the prices
for my booklet, oh well, now we're doing a married life
project, ha ha, it should be fun...for "other"reasons
(Sarah, who do we make fun of all the time in that
class...lazy,gambling addiction,video games, fat etc...),
oh God who would've known....I know at this point
everyone's confused, it'll be okay. Today so far has
sucked, I wanna go skateboarding, that would kick ass right
now, but Shauna has her family dinner tonight and she's my
only friend who even remotely closely skates. Oh well, I
guess it's ANOTHER chill day.
NIKKI GETS HOME TODAY:D:D:D:D:D:D:D that makes me the
happiest person ever!
I think I'm getting my lip pierced next week like Mark from
Blink-182. Stupid sell out band *shakes fist* I haaaate you.
Anyway, my mom and I might be going out for a bit so I'll
write more lata.
Peace, Luv Always,
Payge XXX

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