Secrets that lye Beneath
2001-08-03 13:08:58 (UTC)

The Faint Memories

as I stirve to remember the Memories of my past i still
cant help but feel this sad burden upon me, i have blocked
all my memories, bad move huh,
oh well I'll tell ya this saint mary's it was no saint it
was the devil, wot lies thru that school is fuckin
unbelievable, during my yrs at saint marys i was tortured
teased, ridiculed if ya like to call it, the misery it has
left upon my life, the pain that goes thru me, how i wish i
could change things around, and as the saying goes life is
what you make it,huh thats a laugh hey,
I remember about 4 yrs ago, all in one month this girl
named marrissa oakly got killed by her b/f in my home town,
her b/f then realised wot he had done, he realised that he
could go to jail for a few years and then end up dead by
her family, or her family could get to him before the police
either way he was classed as a dead man so that same night
he hung himself on a near by tree next to marrissa, only to
hear the death of a guy named "fred" who was dearly in love
her, it was the night of her wake they played marrissas
fave song Mariah Careys,-Hero, fred went to the back of the
house and hung himself, only for his best friend to find
him hangin there under the night sky of his cousins wake,
not long after that tradegic accident a boy my age named
gareth oakly hung himself in his bedroom after a dispute
with his family on for his mother to find him hangin there
with a belt wrapped around his neck hangin from the fan