Secrets that lye Beneath
2001-08-03 12:10:27 (UTC)

Child-Hood Memories

Hmmm, this would have to be the actuall first time i have
ever written a personal diary, i always thought that this
stuff is shit, stuff only girly girly's use, but i thought
i'd try it out see if it would help me and my past, help me
to boost my self esteem, help bring the best out in me in
the near future.
So where should i start. Well I was born on the 30th of
September 1985, in Carnarvon,. I've always hated Carnarvon
it has had a pretty bad impact on my life, and you'll soon
see as i continue on with my diary, week, by week,.
OK im now gonna start with my Child Hood years at st
mary's, a pathetic catholic school.
I remember when i was in yr 1 my first yr in st mary's,and
there was this kid named sam, i remember that one day him
and some other kid i cant remember his name anyway they
kept making me laugh,but i didnt understand why, only to
find the consequence of me laughing i got busted by the
teacher and had to stand in front of the class and tell
what i found so funny, i just looked at sam, and said
nothin, my child hood memorys are faint so your gonna have
to bare with me here ok.
Year 2 the yr where things start to go wrong, i
remember one time this girl named sara was pickin on a
little kid so i had a go at her, we ended up smashin it out
with each other, the principle came and saw us she was a
sister(Nun) of the parish church, she made us shake hands
and say sorry i couldnt help but laugh, I remember how
people always gave me shit,like i was worth nothin in the
world, I remember when we had an end of the year school
presentation and we did the play to Sleeping Beauty i was
chosen to be the princess, a guy named mark was the prince,
he didnt like the fact how i was chosen to be the princess
the others teased him about it,anyway i remember this one
boy name Cory Gail, i had a big crush on him, he was the
priest in the play that had to marry me and mark, anyway
the night of the play i was sitting down next to cory, and
he says to me and i qoute " you look really pretty tonight"
that was the first and only time i had ever felt special,
no one had ever said that to me before, i was classed as a
school Loser.
Im gonna wrap this up for now and will write some more
later on when i feel up to it.