I never wanted a desk job...
2002-10-14 15:50:07 (UTC)

Bad Monday, bad coffee...

And my lovely weekend is over. It was nice not having a
DAMN thing to do and enjoy some quiet time with M. I
worked a dinner for the Sons of Norway as a favor to a
friend of a friend on Saturday, got paid quite a bit, which
always helps. Then Sunday I got some laundry done. I
vowed to never go more than a week w/out washing clothes,
and so far, so good. I just hate not having one in my

But then Monday had to rear it's evil head. First off, it
was FREEZING this morning when I got up (20 degrees F is
what the news said). Then I get to work to find that yeah,
someone made coffee.

Unfortunatly, it was the same girl who made the coffee
super weak on Friday. Sure enough, no taste to it again
today. So, I told her that it was unaccepable, and we set
it reperking. However, she then goes about whining about
it, she's been at it for two hours now. ARG. The worst
part is, she and her little cubicle-mate buddy grind and
brew their own coffee every morning, and bear teeth if
anyone else gets close to it. Thing is, the communial
monthly coffee fund buys their gourmet beans, while we get
stuck with Costco shit.

This may seem petty, and it is. The thing that gets to me
is her WHINING. She never stops whining about something,
and that is just another reason why I hate my job so much.
This is just another nail in the coffin that I'm going to
bury when I escape from this hellhole...