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2002-10-14 14:54:13 (UTC)

yahooo i have a diary!

so here i am, sitting in my 3rd hour BEST class bored off
my ass, so i decided it was just about time for me to start
an online journal. this site isnt the best, i know, i will
soon be getting a membership to

Danielle is gone, she moved. she just couldnt take living
with Mia any more. i dont know where she is yet, mia doesnt
know for sure. all we know is that shes going to go to
Carman Ainsworth and will be getting a phone sometime this
week to call me and Mia and let us know where she is. i
hope now that her and Mia dont live together they can work
things out. i also hope that her mom finds a job and they
can manage to keep renting a place. im proud of her though,
for going to a new school in the middle of the year, and i
dont think she even knows anyone there. good luck Danielle!

On Saturday i went to my cousin Adam (a.k.a. Cone Head) and
his girlfriend Katie's wedding. just when the minister
said 'you may now kiss the bride' Adams friend Amy
shouted "Way to go Cone Head!" hah it was great. Since
Katie was underage there was no alcohol at the reception,
which caused half of my family to relocate to the bar (big
drinkers they are).food was okay.cake was better. dancing
with the cute usher/Adam's freind Mike was even better

Last night my uncle Steve and my Aunt Cathy and my cousin
amanda came over to visit and for dinner while my grandmama
is still in town (she lives in North Carolina and is in
town for Adam's wedding.. the first time shes been up to
Michigan since my Grandpapa died on Sept. 3, 2002). also
there were my cousins Chrys, Cathy, Tommy, Eddie, Angela,
Tom, Tony, and Emily. The guys got a keg of German beer
(once again, drinkers) and they got drunk while the cousins
went crazy.. My Aunt Cathy, wow she rawks, let me have a glass of
beer, god it was sick, but of course i drank it anyways. then my
grandmama and my mom and my anuts and older cousins were all talkin
about giving birth and how painful it is, while the cousins continued
to go crazy, and the drunken men moved on to fighting fiercely over
politics and how gay/great George W Bush (what the hell does the W
stand for anyways??) is. hmm why yes, i love my life. i have to stay
after today for biology and do an alternative assignment for a lab
that i missed last week (had too much caffeine.. got sick.. yuck..
not really i just hate school heh)oh joy this is going to be soo much
fun, heh heh heh

so yea i better go, the bells gonna ring any second now.. i shall
write more in my totally super (?) spiffish new diary when i get
home.. if my grandmama isnt taking a nap which prevents me from
getting to the computer, which happens to be in her room ::sigh::
wait nevermind shes gone for tonight heh heh heh.. as soon as i get
my homework done then.. lata hunny bunches of oats!


Chicken Grease?? WTF.. lemme ona wanna tope!! rawr!

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