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2002-10-14 13:23:50 (UTC)

so my mom is bleeding again...

so my mom is bleeding again.

last night my father wanted to take her to the emergency
she wouldnt let him.
i hate it when shes like that man fuck.

this morning it happened again.
she hasnt even told my dad yet.
but she called the doctor and he told her to go to the er.
she told him she didnt want to.
so...hours later.
shes still here.
they are trying to work her in.

why does she have to be so stubborn.

she really needs to take care of herself.
she my fucking mother.

i hope its not like last time.
she almost died then.
she lost like 2 pints of blood or something crazy.
she has to be okay.
i love my mommy so much.