The Game
2001-08-03 09:57:57 (UTC)


Kitten is one of the few good ones left....

Of all my friends she is the one that i can always turn
to..... she usually has a very ready smile and puts up with
my many problems..... she is more understanding than i
could ever be.

I care for her so much and it pains me to see her sad.....
today was a good day..... it was a fun day that ended with
mandi, kitten, and me at some random french movie (it
actually turned out to be decent)..... and everything was

Later, i went to get kitten for our movie night..... the
moment she got in my car i could tell something was
wrong..... she just sat there staring out the window with
unshed tears in her eyes.

movie night ended early tonight, i was just too tired to
go on..... no matter how much i would have liked to simply
curl up with kitten and go to sleep i know i would never
wake up, much less be in any condition to drive..... and so
we made the long trek to the car...... as we approached the
car i noticed the tears trickling from her eyes..... she
refused to tell me what was wrong and asked that i simply
take her home.

the night ended with a long hug and my feeble reassurances
that she could talk to me about anything.....

i don't know what i did to make her cry, but i pray i never
do it again..... to see her normally cheerful face marred
by tears is too much for me to bear silently....... i hope
she knows how much i care for her......

You know how to get in touch with me if you need anything
kitten..... All of my Love.