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Shitty Life Of A Teen
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2001-08-03 09:49:21 (UTC)


right now im so fucking bord its not even funny. its only
2:40am and nothing on tv, so im watching this movie
called " the bogus witch progect" its lame as hell it makes
fun of the blair witch progect. yeah it sucks. i cant even
find anything to do nline. im thinking about going to bed
but i havent went tobed this early in well months. im
thinking about going to school next year im not sure if i
want to though. yeah pauly shore is in this movie, he kick
ass, hes my fav. i would kill to meet him someday. hes so
cool. yeah star is comeing over tomorrow to spend the nigh,
then saterday cately is comeing over but then i am watching
emily to. emily is shuch a cutie, she is going to be so
cute when she gets older, and catelyn knows it s o ipiss
her off by saying it when she get over ehre, catelyn dont
like me to be friends with star and so she says shit
like "yeah well me and candy do this" and me and candy do
that and try and think im getting pissed off, well i hope
she knows it dont work. it takes alot to piss me off. i still cant
belive teddi has got married, she
always said she would never get married. i had to laugh at
her at the wedding, i diont wear a dress, i had on a
camelfloge blue skrit with shorts under them it pissed
teddi off but idont care i dont wear a dresss for anyone.
yeah man footbal season is comeing up cant wait, yeah
football kicks ass.