Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-14 11:52:58 (UTC)

Loving to Hate

Sometimes i hate minor chords, and the fact that i play the
exact same riff during every solo i ever attempt. Sometimes
i hate not being able to figure out where to plug two
cables to connect two amp heads into a cabinet, and i hate
that i don't know 8 ohms from 16 ohms, from a kick in the
teeth. Sometimes i hate that i ALWAYS have an opinion, and
my inablility to just "not care". I hate that i can't play
everything i hear in my head, and that my wrangler jeans
don't look as cool as Jon's. BUT what i love is that in
my "inner circle" , my pacifico extended family i have
people that are constantly picking up my slack, Making me
play the chord that is a little uncomfortable, telling me
NO untill i change my solo. I love having guys surounding
me with music constantly playing in their heads, and the
beauty being that we're not listening to the same song.
Thank God for aaron. He's like the babysitter that never
gets paid. Instead of wiping my drool feeding me and
putting me to bed..he re-strings my guitars, plugs up my
amps, fixes my guitars and let's me wear his trucker hat.
this just turned into a thanksgiving list. Im thankful that
joel plays the drums like rikki rockett, because i can't.
Im glad Ben's around to teach me that i don't always have
to run my mouth, and Matt never fails to amaze me daily
with how awesome our "creative tension " can be. And as for
Jon, i feel a huge bond with him because as girly as ben is
i believe Jon is the only one that understands my shopping
habbit, and suffers from "i never have enough" syndrome
like i do. Thanks guys