Inside Me
2002-10-14 11:24:12 (UTC)


Well, ever since I was up at the college, my dreams have
been going crazzzy!! Last nights dream? Well, I"ll try. It
started out as me making lunch, just pizza and fries and
then I don't remember making it, but there was mashed
potatos, and chicken, gravey, and corn too. Well Mickey,
one of my boss's friends got there, and Josh bostics mom,
well I thought it was her, was there, and then N came over
too. hey all ate, and I chatted with some of them, and
then left on and off doing some other things, but they all
seemed to be holding kwel conversations. Then I tihnk I
woke up, but went back to sleep. Next I had somethings
with me, and I was at N's school, college, I"m going for
college, this place was huge, at least big enough for me
to get lost in. Anyways, I was with my parents, and I
don't know why they were there, but I asked if I could
walk around, and maybe find N, they said Yes. Well I
started my journey. I had one of those small balls that
you can bounce really high, and well droped it, and it
went flying into a room, and knocked somethings down, but
then some guy ran in to help the girl, and I think she
liked him, so I didn't get in trouble, at least they
didn't look mad, as if they were waiting for an excuse to
see each other. Ha! SO I pressed on. Next I was walking
down all thses hall ways, not sure of where N could be.
Then I thnk I saw him out a window going somewhere else,
so I was running around trying to get out of that
buidling, yeeesh! Then I was in this room of the bad kids,
but they were all nice to me, maybe because I wasn't
reating them weird, because I had no idea they were, but
when I realised it, I didn't change the way I reated them,
so it was good. They even helped me escape that huge room,
or buidling they were locked in. Then I fell as I was
thrown out (that was the only way) and these guys, like 17-
24 were standing out there. I guess guards, and they let
me explain and then let me go, so that was nice. I
continued, I started walking, and there were all thses
black dogs, but I remained quiet, hoping not to hear one
bark. There were so many of them, but I didn't look at
them, I was kinda slowly walking, and trying to not be
nervous, and I climbed up this wall, and saw thses small
white puff dogs, on the other side. Well by now, I wasn't
too happy with dogs, then I saw N again, and realiesed I'm
going to have to go past thses dogs and into that
buidling. Well, I jumped down and ran fast, so these
little ankle biters couldn't get me. I made it into the
buidling, but by the time I reached outside where he was,
he wasn't there anymore. Then I saw a bus, they had
babies, but something didn' feel right. Then this small
crowd was holding babies, all dressed the same, and taking
them to a bus. Then I was handed one, so I followed, and
then they took the one baby I had, and then let down the
other, and said she dind't seem smart enough, so we'll
leave her out here. I was so shocked, so I caused a small
pantic, and took the girl, and ran. Then I woke up,
however, I don't think my dream was over, I'll continue
tomorrow night though. Anyone want to explain this dream.
I've thought of a couple, but I"m open to any other ideas
anyone else may have. Well, I better end here. not to
mention, its pretty long anyways. I'm plaining on having a
really good day today, kinda still happy from last night.
Tehe! Take care everyone!