The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-10-14 09:01:49 (UTC)

*Sigh* ((A happy one!)

Wow...tonight was so awesome. I had to work from 5:30-10:30
and then afterward, Randy and I were gonna go see Red
Dragon. Well we were both shit out of luck AGAIN because
not one movie was playing after 10:00 so we just hung out
at his apartment. He was being so cuddly and I loved it! We
rented Frailty and we were gonna sit and watch it, but his
friend Jay invited him over so we went over there for a
while. It was funny, but also kind of weird cause everyone
there was stoned. I was so proud of Randy because he turned
it down! I know it wasn't all me, but I was proud none the
less. I don't care if you smoke weed, just don't do it
around me and don't offer me any and we'll be ok. I do hope
he cuts down though because I can tell it's already taking
it's affect. LOL. It was also kind of weird cause Jay is
his ex...so that was odd...

Anywayz, we're back at his apartment and he sets up a cot
in the floor. It's sooo comfortable. We're just lying there
under the covers and holding each other. His head was
laying on my chest. Awww how I have missed that!! He is
such a great cuddler! The way he touches me just feels so
right. Unfortunately, my mom called and told me I should
come home, but I did not want to leave! The next thing you
know we are kissing...it was great...I did NOT want to
leave, I just wanted to keep going and going and going...it
was sooo nice that words cannot even explain.

Everything feels so right and he even wants to see me again
tomorrow!! Woo hoo! Maybe we can finally go see Red Dragon
or Rules of Attraction. I'm really really starting to like
him and I hope he feels the same. He's so sweet and gentle,
he's not all about the sex at all. Yes it was very sensual
rolling around on the cot making out, but it was all about
the feeling...not the hormones! He's such a cutie too and
he gets along with everyone!

I went to the Haunted Hotel last night with Kimmie and some
friends from work. I have NEVER been to a Haunted House
before so I was scared shitless before we even got there. I
remember as a little kid my dad would try and get me to go
in them, but I refused! I was sooo nervous when we first
walked in. Of course, I get stuck in the back too so I felt
all vunerable! I was holding Kimmie's hand for dear life
and burying my face in her shoulder!! I will NEVER forget
when you first walk in and you get stuck in this elevator
and all of a sudden the guy from Hellraiser pops out and
just stares at you!! He was inches from my face and scaring
the shit out of me! Then he starts to follow us! OMG, I was
shivering and screaming the whole time!!

I guess this one guy knew I was scared because he just sat
there while everyone passed, but as soon as I pass he
decides to scream bloody murder and start this chainsaw and
raise it above my head! He even bumped against me!! OMG, I
was pushing everyone to go faster cause I just wanted to
get out of there!

All in all, it was a very fun evening last night! I got to
see Randy too, we all hung out at Kimmie's.

Welp, I guess that's about it. I'm having so much fun with
my life right now and I'm wondering if it's all going to
come crashing down like it usually does. Everything seems
too good to be true. Yes, my job can suck sometimes, but I
think about the people I work with and smile. I love them
all! I'm thinking about a new job, but I have no clue where
to look!