Jersey Girl
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2002-10-14 07:16:26 (UTC)

Didn't Realise What I Was Missing!

Hello there, how are you tonight? Well im just great -

I just wanted to take the time to say, i never realised
what i was missing! and what i mean is simply this:

While i was out, spending all, and i do mean ALL my time
with ONE person, i was missing out on all my friends. i
have no one to blame but myself of course, but it doesnt
matter now, because tonight i had such a blast! I hung out
with my friend Jillian whom i havent really hung out with
in so long! We went to a club/resturant called "Adelphia's"
and had so much fun! We danced and danced and danced all
night long! Then to top things off, as if it wasnt already
good enough, We got to see Amber perform live there! You
know, she sings the songs called "Above the Clouds"
and "Sexual", she was awesome! Me and Jill were right in
the front of the stage, Amber shook my hand and sang some
lines from the song to me, and then!!! the best yet! During
one of her songs (Sexual) she held the Mic down to my face
and let me sing a line!!! Now HOW COOL is that?!? OMG it
was so great! I could go on and on about this, but i really
am tired, and i just got home from the club, and its like
3:19am and im beat! plus i have work tomorrow! so,
goodnight everyone and sweetest of dreams!

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