Invisible Girl

The Trials and Tribulations fo the Invis
2001-08-03 07:17:13 (UTC)

A Truly Long Day

Wow. It's 11:30, I've been up for 12 hours, and feels like a
week has passed.

I was reading The Chosen for far too long today. I think I'm
going to die when I go back to school and actually have to
do homework (God I love this song, Ryan Adams kicks ass!).
I'm just sick of having to concentrate.

After I went to cardio kick boxing, the high point of my
day, I waited for mom for 45 minutes. If she had told me she
was going to be late, I could have walked home in less than
half the time.

Than, mom and I went for chineese food, even though P&P's is
gone, and there hasn't been anything to match it. Where we
ate wasn't bad though. It had a very large, very mesmerizing
fountain. Though this was not bad, it preceeded the lowest
point of the day.

We went to go pick up my pictures from camp, and they
weren't developed. Apperently, they were black and whites,
and I said they were color on the form. Well, I was pretty
pissed that my pictures were black and white. I miss camp so
much. All I wanted to do was see those pictures, and now,
they'll all be crap anyway.

I cried. I turned away from my mom in the car and silently
let the beads of salty tears roll down myhot and flustered

Than I got home and looked in the miror and my crappy hair.
I lost my fucking brush, and I want to get an easy hair cut,
which seems to be an imposible task. At least Natalies
helping me find one.

Oh, how the shallow waters of my sould are so…untouched by
the fact